Veterans Court 
Community Partnership

Lancaster, PA

About Us

Veterans Court is a specialized treatment court within the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas under the leadership of Judge Jeffrey Wright.  The purpose of Veterans Court is to provide offenders entering the judicial system who are veterans with an individualized treatment program specifically designed to address issues that are unique to veterans. 

Veterans today face unprecedented hardship and many more than ever return home to circumstances that are as challenging and stressful as those on the battlefield. Due to the scars of war and armed conflict, a significant percentage of returning vets carry Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and need services and time to recovery. In addition, their deployments are often long and/or numerous, their families have often suffered severely by their absence, and the workplace awaiting them at home may have been deeply affected by the economic recession. Many end up jobless, even homeless.

It is not surprising that a small percentage of this population crack under such stress, make mistakes, and in some cases fall into the criminal justice system. In most cases they are not bad people.  They are mostly good people who are experiencing difficulties and possess treatable conditions they have carried home with them from war. With the right kind of support, they can be restored and returned to normal productive life.

The Veterans Court Community Partnership (VCCP) consists of a group of volunteers committed to the vision of “Honor, Respect and Justice for Veterans.” We do this by providing human and material resources to support the Lancaster County Veterans Court. This support is a critical component in allowing the the Lancaster County Veterans Court to function.

The principle mission of VCCP is to provide support to the Lancaster County Veterans Court.

Interested individuals can support the Veteran’s Court Community Partnership by going to our HELP US page.